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编译环境CentOS Linux Install Core Development Tools Automake, Gcc (C/C++), Perl, Python & Debuggers

Q. How do I install all developer tools such as GNU GCC C/C++ compilers, make and others, after installing CentOS from a shell prompt?
A. You need to install ‘Development Tools’ group. These tools include core development tools such as automake, gcc, perl, python, and debuggers:
=> flex
=> gcc
=> redhat-rpm-config
=> strace
=> rpm-build
=> make
=> pkgconfig
=> gettext
=> automake
=> strace64
=> gdb
=> bison
=> libtool
=> autoconf
=> gcc-c++
=> binutils and all dependencies.
Open termianl or login over ssh session and type the following command as root user:
yum groupinstall "Development Tools" -y
yum groupinstall "Development Libraries" -y
yum groupinstall "X Software Development" -y

安装GTK环境只要安装一个libgtk2.0-dev就可以了,而安装gnome开发环境的话,需要装gnome-core-devel,它包含GTK开发包。 但在一般情况下,我们需要有一个ide开发环境,需要帮助文件,于是我们安装
sudo apt-get install gnome-devel gnome-devel-docs