centos-rhel服务器相关 / linux / 未分类 · 2014年1月24日

cmake 编译 mysql-5.5.25 报错—Cannot find appropriate system libraries for SSL errors occurred!

— Looking for SHA512_DIGEST_LENGTH
— Looking for SHA512_DIGEST_LENGTH – not found.
CMake Error at cmake/ssl.cmake:83 (MESSAGE):
Cannot find appropriate system libraries for SSL. Use WITH_SSL=bundled to
enable SSL support
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:266 (MYSQL_CHECK_SSL)
****** 中间省略
— Check size of pthread_t – done
— Performing Test HAVE_PEERCRED
— Performing Test HAVE_PEERCRED – Success
— Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
原来有这个 -DWITH_SSL=system
yum install openssl-devel openssl